I wish I had known…

We asked upper-year students on Twitter to share what they wish they had known in first year. Here’s a selection of their responses:

“If you’re struggling, get help immediately! Profs, TAs and peers are not going to judge you & are really nice!” -Tanvi

“Make blackboard your homepage and check it every day! Missed some online quizzes because I forgot about them.” –Simone

“There are 44 libraries to explore amongst the 3 campuses! Library challenge anyone? Haha” –Melissa

“I wish I had known that the end goal of university wasn’t a degree, but rather to grow as a person.” –Hamza

“There is an extended health plan for all U of T undergrads covering prescription drugs and dental.” – Kanishk

“I wish I had known that not all textbooks needed to be brand new!” –Komal

“Don’t beat yourself up if your grades drop in your first year. It’s a big adjustment!” – Talia

“Don’t just focus on the big things! Enjoy the little victories and meeting new people.” –Jane

“The library is not the only quiet space to study, empty lecture halls and rooms work too.” –Sunny

“Believe in yourself. The moment you stop is the moment when giving up seems like the right thing but I assure you it’s not.” –Joanne

“U of T is such a vibrant place to be with so many ways to get involved – get started ASAP and don’t look back!” –Hope

“I wish I knew about the credit/no credit option for breadth requirement courses in first year.” –Lisa

“Find a mentor and take as much initiative as possible.” –N