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Whatever your passion is, you can get involved in more ways than you can imagine. There are clubs here for everything from beekeeping to breakdancing, magic to mah-jong, Kung Fu to Ping Pong, Quidditch to space robots. Whatever it is you’re into – there’s a club for that! If you can’t find something that excites you, start a group of your own.

Check out Ulife, the campus organizations database, which lists over 700 campus groups run by students. You can search by areas of interest or types of groups. You’ll also find information on how to start a recognized campus group of your own.




Your central source for student clubs and more. Everything from mentorship programs to community service, student groups and intramural sports are listed in a searchable database.

Sussex Clubhouse

A quirky, historic building with a storied past where, today, many students find their sense of community on campus.