Discover something new

Take a leap and discover something new!

Say hello

It’s amazing what can happen by striking up a conversation. Introduce yourself to someone you don’t know – a classmate, a professor or a staff member. The people you get to know here can become friends and supporters throughout the rest of your life.

Spend time with your faculty or college

Your faculty or your college is your home base on campus, and it’s your starting place for finding new friends and opportunities to get involved.

Get moving

Hart House, the Athletic Centre and the Varsity Centre are all great places to get moving. Work out, join a class or sign up for one of the many intramural sports teams.

Find culture

Explore galleries, theatres, film nights, literary journals – the list goes on. Find out more at

Seek office

Run for student government. It’s a great way to get involved and make a difference for your fellow students. All faculties and colleges have opportunities for you to run for an elected position. You don’t even need to win – you’ll learn so much and meet so many people just by campaigning.


You are a Varsity Blue! So show your school pride every chance you get. Wear your Varsity Blues clothing, and use the #bleedblue hashtag on Twitter. Your TCard is your free ticket to all Varsity Blues home games, so come out and support your favourite team. You can even sign up for the Varsity Rewards program to earn points towards great prizes!

Try something different

Your campus has events every single day. Try attending an event that addresses something you don’t know much about. You’ll meet new people and perhaps discover a new passion. Visit to find activities for just about every interest.

Go global

International experience will help you learn more about the world, and yourself. Exchange programs are unique opportunities to immerse yourself in a new culture while earning academic credit. Visit the Centre for International Experience to find out more.

Get recognized

Your hard work outside the classroom deserves to be recognized. U of T now has a Co-Curricular Record, which will give you an opportunity to seek out involvement opportunities, and have them recorded on an official U of T document. You’ll also be able to identify the skills and abilities you’ve developed as a result of your involvement. Which is great when you’re meeting with possible employers – you’ll be able to tell them exactly why you are so awesome.


Your central source for student clubs and more. Everything from mentorship programs to community service, student groups and intramural sports are listed in a searchable database


A series of workshops through which you can gain academic and career-oriented skills, become an engaged citizen and develop your leadership style through involvement.