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Do you want to know how to achieve academic success?  Are you looking to explore your career options?  Are you ready to get involved in campus life and make a difference in the community?  Then Blueprint is for you!

The Blueprint Program is an easy way to get involved in life outside the classroom. Through a series of engaging workshops you will learn and develop skills that will serve as the foundation on which you will build your experience. All you need is a Blueprint and a desire to get involved!

By registering for the program, you will receive our Ultra-Helpful Weekly Email to keep you in-the-know about upcoming workshops. It’s up to you to choose which workshops fit your interest and your schedule. Once you have successfully completed the program, you will receive a certificate of completion to include on your resume and in your portfolio. The completion of the Blueprint program is also eligible for inclusion on your Co-Curricular Record.

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Register for the Blueprint program today to start receiving the Ultra-Helpful Weekly Email, packed full of engaging workshops for you to check out!