Get involved

Successful students get involved!

By getting involved on campus you’ll meet friends, have fun, do better in class and develop skills that will help you in whatever career path you choose. You can learn about leadership, civic engagement or helping to build community in Toronto. Take a leap and discover something new!

There are many ways that you can get involved on-campus, but here are three places to help get you started.

In this Section

  • Mentorship

    You’ll learn the ins and outs much faster with the help of someone who has “been there, done that”.

  • Co-Curricular Record

    Your hard work outside of the classroom deserves to be recognized.

  • Discover something new

    Take a leap and discover something new!

  • Join a club

    Find your passion and join something!

  • Blueprint

    Do you want to know how to achieve academic success? Are you looking to explore your career options? Are you ready to get involved in campus life and make a difference in the community? Then Blueprint is for you!